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About Hagihara Coffee

The pursuit of good taste


The Best Beans for Hagihara 

You must use good green beans to make a tasty coffee. While we take pride in our original charcoal-roasting method, there’s no question that “Green beans must be good,” a precept we inherited from Founder Miyoji Hagihara. The best beans for Hagihara were those from which he could make a coffee that he found tasty. For Hagihara, it was meaningless to use costly beans only because they were rare or had some story to recommend them. But it’s also true that the beans that satisfied Hagihara weren’t cheap or commonplace.

Pursuit of the Ultimate Taste HAGIHARA brand


During his first visit to Brazil and Colombia, the coffee bean producing countries, in 1982, Kojiro Hagihara (present Representative Director) met Maneco, an internationally famous cup taster, and requested him to create Hagihara’s original coffee. Maneco examined beans produced in various parts of Brazil, made repeated rigorous tastings, and created the original brand “BRAZIL HAGIHARA.” Among the products of this brand, HAGIHARA SELECT is of the highest quality, and has a slight sweetness and body. Meanwhile, in Colombia, we are developing COLOMBIA HAGIHARA with the cooperation of Steven, a Colombian cup taster.

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