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About Hagihara Coffee

Cooperation with customers

Employees of Hagihara always call their business partners “customers” with special affection. This habit has formed as a result of long partnerships. Our duty is to respond to the true spirit of customer service.

What the owner of Akaneya Coffee Shop told us

Akaneya Coffee Shop is a high-class coffee shop boasting a long tradition. The late Keishiro Funakoshi, the uncompromising first owner of the shop, chose Hagihara Coffee as his coffee supplier. According to him, he liked not only the taste of our coffee, but also our unflinching adherence to the laborious charcoal-roasting method. Further, he was heard to say, “Our coffee tastes the best in the world, as we use Hagihara’s charcoal-roasted beans.”

Determined to live up to the firm trust placed in us by Funakoshi and other customers, we stick to charcoal-roasting to deliver fresh beans.

What we do to deliver fresh beans

As we attach importance to freshness in delivering beans to coffee shops, all beans are roasted on order. One hundred grams are used as the unit of order to ensure that beans are used up within a week. We choose to deliver fresh beans rather than make our business easier by taking mass orders. Beans are delivered the day after roasting, and direct deliveries can be made to any location in Kobe.

“Sales with consulting” is our motto

Sales representatives of Hagihara Coffee are professionals in shop management, so to speak. They advise customers on all aspects of management including the methods used to make drinks and foods on the shop menu, tableware, service, interior design to create a pleasant atmosphere, and kitchen layout with consideration given to traffic. They do their best to help their customers and maintain long partnerships.

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