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About Hagihara Coffee

The pursuit of good taste

About Hagihara Coffee

Why good coffee is born from charcoal-roasted beans

With charcoal, each bean is roasted uniformly to deep inside. Therefore, their expansion is better than that of ordinary beans. This means that tasty coffee can be made from only a small quantity of beans. With charcoal-roasted beans, the coffee tastes pleasant, and has a good aftertaste. Even after cooling, its taste is maintained. Hagihara takes pride in this original taste.

Hagihara’s traditional charcoal-roasting techniques, along with its principle of conscientious roasting, have been inherited by its current staff.

Ideal charcoal as part of traditional technique

Hagihara’s charcoal-roasting method cannot be discussed without discussing charcoal at some length.

Masao Suzuki, the “Doctor of Charcoal” in Akita Prefecture, frequently visited our roasting factory in Kobe to find charcoal suitable for the roasting of coffee beans. What Suzuki, with his wide knowledge and long experience, selected was oak-based charcoal produced in former Nishiki Village in Senhoku-gun, Akita Prefecture – a community in the present City of Senhoku where traditional techniques live on. Roasting becomes problematic if the charcoal is too soft and catches fire too slowly, or if it is too hard and produces too much fire power. The oak-based charcoal is ideal because it catches fire quickly, produces a moderate fire power, and is durable.

As a stable supply of charcoal produced in Japan cannot be secured at present, Hagihara now uses several kinds of charcoal with different characteristics, produced in Japan and abroad. With their thorough knowledge of the characteristics of these charcoals, Hagihara’s roasters blend the charcoals to fine-tune the fire power to their own standard.


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