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About Hagihara Coffee

The pursuit of good taste

Polished skills

Hagihara’s master roasters creating Hagihara’s taste

Roasting is a process used to derive an original taste from green beans. The condition of green beans varies according to production area, variety, quality of annual yield, and season. In charcoal roasting, the condition is further fine-tuned by factors related to charcoal and oven. Only Hagihara’s master roasters can achieve the targeted “Hagihara taste” by adjusting the water content of green beans (even a 1% difference proves fatal), the condition of the charcoal fire, oven condition, etc.

Hagihara Coffee does not recruit professional roasters: we train our own professionals. For at least five years after joining Hagihara Coffee, future roasters engage in various kinds of business, including checking warehoused beans, arrangements for delivery, and support of roasting. In this important training period, they learn about all aspects of coffee, and acquire skills to realize the original taste of Hagihara Coffee through direct experience. It takes a long time for apprentices to master the traditional skills.

Taste realized by labor and the five senses

Beans are fed from the silo to the oven at the start of roasting. While increasing the power of the charcoal fire, workers check the time for which beans are kept at high temperatures, and whether the oven should be turned up further. They listen to the sputtering sound, and roll beans on their palm to check their color, swell, and smell, which indicate the condition of roasting. The quantity of charcoal is adjusted so that it has been wholly consumed by the end of roasting.

The roaster and the kind and quantity of beans are also specified for each oven to prevent any variations in taste. This special roasting method, in which taste takes precedence over efficiency, is the source of pride and joy of Hagihara’s roasters.

Advanced equipment to make the most of traditional skills

The roasting factory completed in 2007 features advanced equipment to automate processes up to the feed of green beans into the oven. Green beans from the hopper are subjected to several rounds of impurity removal with a powder cleaner, etc., classified by kind for storage in the silo, and fed into five roasting machines. As Hagihara believes that even a minute quantity of impurities spoils the taste of coffee, they are removed not only before roasting (i.e., when the beans are green), but also after.

Of course, the roasting is done by master roasters who have inherited the traditional skills of Hagihara. The modernization of our factory aims to have roasters concentrate on roasting, and realizing the best coffee taste using charcoal-roasted beans.

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