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J.C.Q.A. Coffee Appraisers

Effort to Make Products That Meet Customer Needs

As our efforts to make products that meet customer needs, two J.C.Q.A. Coffee Appraisers with expert knowledge, experience, and skills, manage the processes of Hagihara Coffee from the buying of green beans to roasting, quality control, and packaging.

What is a J.C.Q.A. Coffee Appraiser?

The J.C.Q.A. Coffee Appraiser is qualified by the J.C.Q.A. (Japan Coffee Qualification Authority) as “a person who has acquired highly expert knowledge and appraisal skills of coffee regarding the procurement of ingredients, the management of production and quality, etc.” It is very difficult to become a Coffee Appraiser: since the start of the qualification system in 2003 to March 2013, only 10 persons in Japan have acquired the qualification.

The J.C.Q.A. Coffee Appraiser is required to have a wide and deep knowledge of all processes for coffee production. Therefore, the qualification presupposes a mastery of product design, green bean appraisal, and quality control to produce products that meet consumer needs.

Introduction of Appraisers

Manager Eiji Hagihara

certificate Manager Eiji Hagihara I believe that the quality of Hagihara Coffee is based not only on the quality of green beans, but on the roasting techniques that we have inherited from the Founder. We offer you a very tasty cup of coffee with our established techniques and quality.

Director Kensuke Kawashima of Production Department

certificateCertificate of Qualification, Director Kawashima of Production Department Our coffee using charcoal-roasted beans is the jewel of the excellent techniques of the Appraisers. It also reflects our aspiration to create tastier coffee. How about trying a cup of Hagihara Coffee?

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