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Hagihara adheres to its fundamentals at all times.

Since Founder Miyoji Hagihara created the original taste of coffee based on charcoal-roasted beans, Hagihara Coffee has strived to further improve this taste. While people’s tastes have changed with the trend of the times, Hagihara’s coffee has become increasingly popular thanks to its authentic taste.
We use charcoal-roasted beans not as a means of establishing a brand image, but as a method required to maintain a permanently good taste. As the third owner of Hagihara Coffee, I believe that my mission is to find a new path by being sensitive to the trend of the times while adhering to our traditional techniques.
We are determined to have more people taste our good coffee based on charcoal-roasted beans. In so doing, we adhere to the principle of gratitude to our customers to which Hagihara Coffee has been true since its founding. We also remain attached to the fundamentals of Hagihara Coffee, which the founder built up passionately.
We hope for the continued patronage and support of our customers.

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