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Our principles on personal information

Hagihara Coffee Co., Ltd. (the Company) deeply recognizes the importance of personal information about our customers. The Company pledges to observe laws and regulations on the protection of personal information, and protect, with utmost care, personal information that it has acquired about our customers.

Collection of personal information

The Company collects personal information on customers through legal and fair means. The Company collects information only with the approval of the relevant customer.

Purpose of the use of personal information

As a rule, the Company uses information acquired from customers only to provide them with information on the products and services of the Company and related companies, and other related subjects; or to improve the products and services of the Company. If the Company asks customers to provide personal information for any other purpose, the purpose is clearly stated to allow it to be checked by customers. The Company does not use personal information on customers for purposes other than the above-mentioned without first securing their approval.

Provision of information to a third party

The Company does not disclose or provide personal information provided by customers to a third party except in any of the following cases:

  1. Information is revealed to an external business or business partner (an electric constructor, a delivery business, etc.) of the Company when necessary for any of the above-mentioned purposes.
  2. The disclosure or provision is requested by a court or any other public agency under a legal provision.
  3. Information needs to be disclosed or provided to protect the right, property, safety, etc. of customers or the Company.
  4. The approval of the relevant customer is secured.

Disclosure of personal information possessed by the Company

The Company discloses personal information possessed by it to the relevant customer upon request from the customer. A request for the disclosure of personal information is accepted only when sent by mail. A request made by phone or e-mail will not be accepted, as the identity of the requester cannot be confirmed in such a case. Also, the disclosure of personal information is conditional on the provision of a document to allow the identity of the requester to be confirmed, under Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Law. If you wish that personal information possessed by the Company be disclosed to yourself, please send your request by mail to the Privacy Protection Section of the Company. In such a case, please specify your name and address; also, enclose a self-addressed envelope with an 80 yen stamp, a copy of a document that confirms your identity, and a 240 yen stamp as fee.

Change of registered information

If you wish for personal information about yourself possessed by the Company to be changed, confirmed, corrected, deleted, etc., please send your request by e-mail using the inquiry form of the Company. Upon receiving your request, the Company will take the necessary step after confirming your identity, to prevent leakage, tampering, etc. by a third party.

Management of personal information

The Company implements the following measures for the safe management of personal information on customers:

  1. It implements rational and appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information by a third party, the loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information, and other related dangers.
  2. It has the person responsible for information management ensure that personal information is managed appropriately.

Use of cookies

The website of the Company uses a technology called “cookies” for the convenience of customers. A “cookie” is a small piece of data sent to a customer’s browser from a web server. It is stored on the hard disc to allow the customer’s computer to be identified. Data collected with cookies are used only for market analysis (e.g., the analysis of website user trends) and the provision of various services. The function of a cookie can be canceled by changing the browser settings. In such a case, however, some services offered on the website may become unusable.

Revision of this policy

This policy may be revised in part or in its entirety to conform to legal provisions or improve the Company’s measures to protect customer privacy. Information on the latest revision is posted on the website of the Company.

Scope of the policy, and links to other sites

This website provides links to other websites to provide customers with useful information. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any issues related to privacy protection provided by other websites. Please check the privacy protection policy posted on a website, and use your own judgment.

Contact for inquiries

If you wish to send us your opinion or question on the handling of personal information, etc. by the Company, please address your e-mail to:


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